Manatee Kennel Club in Brooksville, Fl. Judge Bonnie Clark awarded Teddy a big Best of Breed win over 7 specials, two ranked specials for 5 GCH points. I didnt show Crissy, no major!


Tampa Bay Kennel Club

Judge Carolyn Alexander gave Teddy the Select ribbon for 2 gch points.

Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Assoc, West Palm Beach, Fl Romani was reserve on Saturday but took the single point on Sunday under Jackie Stacy. Teddy was select dog, 1 gch point, both days. .

Ft Lauderdale Dog Club, Davie, Fl
Muriel Purkhiser gave  Ally Reserve Winners to a major and Best Puppy, (she said she'd like to take Ally home in her pocket!) Teddy was Best of Breed.  Johnny Shoemaker was the judge on Sunday and Roamni was reserve, Teddy was out of the ribbons and Ally was 2nd of 6.

Heartland Kennel Club of Florida in Sebring, FL
Judge Robert Hutton awarded it all to Romani! He was Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed over specials  for a 3 point major. The judge told me he was the picture of fine boned elegance and I would agree.

On Sunday our judge, Ellen Fetter gave Teddy Best of Breed

Toy Dog Club of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.
Saturdays judge was Tammy Jackson. She gave Romani 2nd of 3, Crissy was 1st of 1, Ally was 4th of 5, and Teddy was Best of Breed.

St Petersburg Dog Fanciers Assoc, Palmetto, Fl
Saturdays judge was Terry Lyddon. She gave Romani 1st of 2, Ally was 2nd of 3, and Teddy was Best Opposite Sex.
Sundays judge was Mrs Tomas Gomez. She gave Romani 1st of 2 and Winners Dog for 1 pt, Ally was 2nd of 3, and Teddy had a bit of an upset tummy and did not show for me but won the Select ribbon anyway.

Friday was the Sunshine State Papillon Club specialty. Sweeps judge was Patti Neale and Turbo was Best Veteran in sweeps. Regular point show judge was Dana Read. Romani was Winners Dog today for 2 points.
Saturday's judge was Tammy Jackson and she gave Teddy Best of Breed.
Sunday's judge was Sherry Swanson and Crissy was reserve to the major.

St Petersburg Dog Fanciers Association in Manatee, FL
Judge was Ms Tomas Gomez and she gave Romani another 2 points!

Central Florida Kennel Club, Orlando, FL
Our judge today was Evalyn Gregory (daughter of Joe Gregory). She gave Romani 1st of 1, Ally was 2nd of 3, Crissy was 1st of 4 and reserve to a 4 pt major, and Teddy was Best of Breed over 7 specials.

Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay, Orlando, FL
Our judge today was Melanie Williams. She gave Romani 1st of 1, Ally was 2nd of 3, Crissy was 2nd of 4, and Teddy was select dog.

Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club, West Palm Beach, FL
Saturdays judge was Mrs Carol Graham. This was Daisy's first time in the ring and she was also in season and she won a big 4 pt major by winning the purple Winners ribbon and then going Best of Opposite Sex over 4 bitch specials for all those points. Romani was 1st of 1, Crissy was 2nd of 4 and Teddy was out of the ribbons today. Nancy Westphal showed Turbo in the Veteran class and won but did nothing in the group.

Sundays judge, Douglas Johnson. Today was Grace's first time in the ring and she was 2nd of 2, Romani was 1st of 1 and reserve, Crissy was 2nd of 4 and reserve to a 4 pt major. Teddy was select dog and Turbo was Best Veteran but did nothing in the group competition.

Greensboro, North Carolina.
I went to this bunch of shows to visit with family, make up for not going to Atlanta, and escape the heat. It was in the lower 50's every morning and I had a great time visiting with some of my family but the shows did not pull any majors so I couldn't show Crissy to finish Romani or Crissy. So I showed Daisy and Xena, Diamondsun's Xena, she belongs to Dore Anderson and this was our first weekend together. But the people at the shows were great fun and my brother and his wife Kay came 4 of the days to help me with all of the dogs I brought.
Danville Kennel Club, judge William deVilleneuve. Romani was 1st of 1 and Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 points, Xena, was 1st of 1 and Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for 2 points. Daisy was 1st of 2 and reserve. Teddy was out of the ribbons but he was acting the fool so didnt deserve to win.

Danville Kennel Club, judge Stephanie Hedgepath. Romani was 1st of 2, Winners Dog and Best of Winners. He is now singled out and only needs that last major to win. Xena was 1st of 1, Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex for 2 pts, Daisy was 2nd of 2. Teddy was select dog.

Greater Hickory Kennel Club with judge Betsy Dale. She gave Daisy 1st of 2, Xena was 1st of 1, Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex for 2 more points, Teddy was select dog.

Carolina Kennel Club with judge Howard Yost. Daisy was 1st of 2 and reserve, Xena was 1st of 1, Winners and Best of Opposite Sex again for 1 point, Teddy was select dog.

Carolina Kennel Club with judge Gary Sparschu. Daisy was 1st of 2 and reserve. Xena was 1st of 1, Winners and Best of Winners today for 1 pt, and Teddy was select dog.

Deland, Fl
Saturday, West Volusia Kennel Club with judge Fabian Arienti. Crissy won her class of 3, Xena won her class of 4 and went on to Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her first 3 pt major.

Sunday was judge Melanie Williams who gave Teddy the Select ribbon.

Jacksonville Dog Fanciers Assoc show held at the Ocala Dog Club show grounds in Ocala. Saturdays judge, Dr Troy Dargin gave Teddy Best Opposite Sex. Sunday's judge was Robert Stein and he really liked Teddy. He gave us Best of Breed and pulled 6 out of the group and we were in that final six. What a thrill. We waited all day after we showed at 8 am. And it was so hot I thought we would melt but after a good nap Teddy was ready to go and he really showed for me.

Tri-Star Kennel Club of Williamson County in Nashville, TN. I came up to babysit the grankids but also managed to do a dog show weekend. Our judge today was Margo Klingler. Daisy won her class of 3, and took reserve, Crissy won her class of 4, Xena was all by herself in Open and was awarded Winners Bitch. Since I also had Teddy I recruited Robert to take Xena back in the ring for breed and he won a 3 pt major by winning Best of Opposite Sex over 3 bitch specials which bumped the numbers up to the major win, Yea, Go Robert! Xena now has both of her majors and only needs a single point to finish. Teddy was up against the number one dog in breed points and 3 other dog specials and came out with the select ribbon.
On Sunday, our judge was Evalyn Gregory. It was a repeat of yesterdays wins except Crissy was reserve, and Xena was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners today for her 3rd, 3 pt major and finished her championship. She is now Champion Diamondsun's Xena.

Hernando County Kennel Club held in Brooksville, Fl
Our judge today was Elaine Lessig who gave Xena Best of Opposite Sex for her first Grand Champion points, Teddy was select today.

Hernando County Kennel Club with judge Arley Hussin. He gave Daisy her second major win, Teddy and Xena were select dog and bitch.

Seminole Dog Fanciers Assoc held in Ocala, FL
Judge Wanda Spediacci gave Crissy her first major win with Winners Bitch and Best of Winners, and Teddy was select.

Seminole DFA
Judge Keke Kahn gave Daisy Winners Bitch today for 1 point, Xena was Best Opposite Sex and Teddy was select.

Greater Ocala Dog Club show in Ocala, FL
Judge William deVilleneuve gave Crissy her second major and finished her championship, now to be known as CH Rocyn's Southern Belle, Xena was Best of Opposite Sex and Teddy was select.


Greater Ocala Dog Club
Judge Glenda Dawkins gave Daisy, Rocyn's Southern Cross, Winners for 1 point, Xena was BOS and Teddy was Best of Breed.

South Dade Kennel Club held in Davie, Fl
Judge Marlene Mortera gave Daisy another point with Winners Bitch, Teddy, GCH Rocyn's Fast and Furious, was select and Turbo, Int CH Forevr at Rocyn There's a Will, was Best Veteran, with competition. We stayed for the group competition and he was awarded a Group 1 and then, a feeling I will never forget, he was awarded BEST VETERAN IN SHOW. My little guy loved being in the ring and had such a good time. Our Best in Show judge was Conny Guitierrez-Otero. She told me she loved his attitude, that he had a beautiful coat and he was in top condition. Many heart felt thanks to Nancy Westphal for keeping him in such good condition and spirits. He is such a happy dog today because of her devotion to his rehab. Thank you a million times Nancy.

Then on Sunday our judge Cecelia Martinez gave Daisy Winners for another point and Teddy was Best of Breed. He then went on to the group competition and our judge was Mrs Conny Guiterrez-Otero who awarded him his first win at the group level....Group THREE!
THIS was a fantastic weekend and one I will never forget

Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay, Orlando, Florida
Mrs June Penta awarded Daisy the Winners ribbon and her final two points to finish her championship.


Sunshine State Papillon Club Specialty show
Judge Mrs Barbara Alderman pulled Teddy out of a lineup of 27 specials tho we didn't get a ribbon it was a real honor and very exciting to be in that final lineup with most of the top 10 specials in the country.

What a year we have had. I finished Crissy, Daisy and Xena's championships, almost finished Romani before he had to go home and added a Grand Championship to Teddy's name. Plus we were blessed with two beautiful puppies that will start their show careers in the spring. 


Manatee Kennel Club
January 8
Brooksville, FL

I showed Spirit and Xena today to judge Arlene Benko. It was very cold and very windy. Our judge commented that she could not feel her fingers. Spirit was reserve Winners Dog to a 5 point major and Xena was Select Bitch.

Pasco Florida Kennel Club
 Brooksville, FL
January 18

Spirit was Winners Dog and Best of Winners today under judge Barbara Alderman for 2 points.

Greater Gainesville Dog Fanciers Assoc.
Ocala, F

January 24-25

Spirit was Winners Dog and Best of Winners under judge Joy Brewster for 1 point on Saturday. On Sunday our judge was Kenneth Rayner and he gave Spirit Winners Dog and Best of Winners for another single point.

Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club

Lakeland, FL
February 14

Today we had William deVilleneuve and he liked Spirit. He gave him Winners  Dog and Best of Winners for a 4 point major. Teddy was shown by my friend Dore Anderson to a Select win.

Ochlockonee River Kennel Club
Tallahassee, Florida
February 20-22

Friday's judge was Eugene Blake and he gave Spirit Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 1 point which singles him out, He only needs a major to finish. Teddy was Select Dog on Saturday under judge Charles Olvis and Sunday's judge was Judy Webb who gave Teddy the Select ribbon.

Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Assoc.
February 28
West Palm Beach, FL

Judge Kathleen Grosso gave Evie Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 1 point and Teddy was Best of Breed on Saturday. 

Ft Lauderdale Dog Club
Davie, FL
March 14-15

Judge Ronald Menaker gave Evie, Fluttersby Auld Lang Syne, Winners Bitch for a single point. Sundays judge was Jason Hoke who gave Teddy Best of Breed.

Papillon Club of America

National Specialty
Tulsa, Oklahoma
March 30-April 4

What an adventure! I started my journey by driving to Ellijay, GA where I met up with my good friend, Karen Byrd, at her cabin on the mountain. We spent Saturday getting things together and touring around Ellijay. I even got to visit a real haunted house! We departed for Tulsa early on Sunday morning and arrived in Tulsa just as a spectular sunset fell below the horizon. Not two weeks earlier all of this country was covered in snow and they were having a major blizzard. Lucky us that we missed that event. The hotel was beautiful and we are excited to see the other dogs and show the ones we brought. This was to be Nala's first show. She is officially known as Lacewing's Simba's Gift to Rocyn, and she is from Dr. Lori Lipkin. On Tuesday, March 30 Cecelia Ringstrom found her in a class of 14 and gave her second place! And on Thursday, April 2 judge Dr Steve Keating found her again in a class of 18 and awarded her 3rd. It is always a thrill to get an award at a National in such a big class. Teddy was in the Breed Class with 54 other beautiful champions and as the judge worked thru the group eliminating dogs Teddy and I were still in the ring. We made it all the way to the last elimination before he chose his winners and it was wonderful to be so honored. But the real fun event for me was the "Over 60 Handlers Class" judge by LouAnn King. I dressed up as Marie Antionette and had a basket of butterfly shaped cakes to pass out to the crowd. It was a BLAST and the most fun ever at a National.

Douglasville Kennel Club of Georgia
April 8
Valdosta Kennel Club
April 9
Atlanta Kennel Club
April 11
Perry, GA 

Wednesday's judge Betty Leininger gave Teddy Select today. Thursday's Anne Savory Bolus gave Teddy Select again. Saturday's judge, Barbara Alderman gave Teddy Select again. And she gave Spirit his final 3 point major with Winners Dog and Best of Winners. He is now a finished Champion which makes his mother a Dam of Merit and his daddy's, GCH Silkwings Phantom of the Opera, first champion offspring.

Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers Assoc.
May 17
Deland, FL

Judge Molly Martin gave Nala her first point today with Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex. Teddy was Select Dog.


Boca Raton Dog Club
June 7
West Palm Beach

Our judge today was Robert Hutton and he gave Teddy, Best of Breed!


To start the year off with a bang Crissy, Ch Rocyns Southern Belle, presented us with four beautiful, healthy puppies, in four hours, in the afternoon of Jan 2, in time for me to have dinner! What a dog! First a girl, Savannah, then a boy, Jefferson, then a girl, Dixie and lastly a boy, Austin. All of them named after southern cities. The proud daddy is GCH Rocyns Fast and Furious, Teddy.

Manatee Kennel Club
January 9
Sunshine State Papillon Club

Judge Jackie Stacy awarded Spice her final major to become CH Starsign Spicing It Up at Honeykist N Rocyn. Xena was Select bitch today. 

Clearwater Kennel Club
Januray 10, Brooksville, FL

Robert Hutton took a long time to look at Xena and gave her Select bitch today.

Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club of Georgia
Jan 31, Atlanta, GA

I showed a dog belonging to Teresa Lyons and his name is Poco. he took Reserve to Karen Byrds beautiful Phantom. Ellen Perry asked me to show a special for her and since we were new to each other she did not show well but we got better as the weekend progressed. At the Sunday show under judge Helen Stein Windy won the select ribbon over the number one bitch in the country!

Westminister Kennel Club 
Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City
February 6 thru  12

What a wonderful trip Dore Anderson, owner of the fabulous Xena, and I had to New York. We saw lots of snow had some wonderful meals, went to the theatre to see "Once",  and the Guggenheim Museum to see the Kadinsky exhibit.

Friday, the 7th was the Progressive Toy Club with judge Albert Easdon from Scotland. He put Xena over the number 1 bitch for the Select ribbon out of a very big entry of specials.

Saturday the 8th, Papillon Club of America Northeast Speciality with judge Jan Paulk and Xena earned the second award of Merit ahead of the number 3 dog in the country!

Sunday the 9th was again the PCA specialty with judge Richard Albee who awarded Xena Select. We are doing great to be in the ribbons all three days. Our luck didnt hold and we were out of the ribbons at Westminister. We did stay until Wednesday to watch the groups and Best In Show!

Toy Dog Club of South Florida
March 7, West Palm Beach  
I am showing a 6-9 puppy bitch for Karen Byrd, Silkwings Emmas Choice, Sofia; and Stanley and Rhonda Friedlanders bitch, Fluttersby Auld Lanf Syne, Evie; to judge Glenda Dawkins. She gave Evie the Winners ribbon for 2 points and Sofia got the reserve ribbon.

Palm Beach County DFA
West Palm Beach, FL
March 8 and 9

Evie was out of the ribbons but Sofia took Reserve on Saturday under judge Luc Boileau.
Sundays show was judged by Rosalind Kramer who gave Evie the reserve ribbon leaving Sofia out of the ribbons.

Brandon Florida Kennel Club
Plant City, FL
October 25-26

Saturday's judge, Anne Savory Bolus, gave Spirit Winners Dog (photographer forgot to change the sign) for his first point and Evie was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a point. On Sunday judge Frank Washabaugh gave Spirit Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex for 2 points.
South Dade Kennel Club
Davie, FL
November 30

The judge today was Bradley Jenkins and he gave Spirit, Winners Dog, Best Bred By Exhibitor and Best Bred By Group 1 for 1 point.




Rocyn Papillons

News from 2010 to Present

Lakeland Winter Haven dog show held in Lakeland at the airport with judge Wanda Spediacci gave Pilot, Silkwings Flying South to Rocyn, a dog owned by Karen Byrd, the 3 point major today.

Perry, Georgia
I went to the shows with my friend Karen Byrd and we did pretty good.
On Thursday judge Stephen Hurt gave Crissy, Rocyn's Southern Belle a single point. We also stayed for the Fun Match tonight to give Rumor, Rocyn N Baypalms Burning Scandal owned by Lori Landis and bred by me, who hasn't been in the ring much because we are waiting for majors, some practice and she was Best of Breed.

On Saturday, judge Mrs Houston Clark gave Rumor her first major and Best of Opposite Sex over a bitch special for 3 points.

Shows in Orlando
On Friday, judge Carolyn Herbel liked Teddy and gave him his first points, a 4 point major! This was his first time in the ring. My friend Karen Byrd told me to stop showing his brother and show Teddy. She said he was nicer than Nico but I liked Nico better so I thought I would give it a try and boy was she right.

The next day Peter Green was judging and he gave Teddy reserve because Teddy was just having too much fun.He also gave Crissy reserve and Best Puppy at the Sunshine State Papillon Club supported entry.

Sunday was judge Florence Males and Teddy was back on top of his game and was awarded WD, BOW for another two points. Not bad for his first weekend out.

Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club show in West Palm Beach
James Reynolds, from Canada, gave Teddy WD and BOW for 2 points and Crissy was WB and BOS for 2 points.

Sandra Goose Allen also gave Teddy WD and BOW for the 2 points and Crissy WB and BOS for 2 points.

Like her mother, Sophie (CH Rocyns South Beach Babe) surprised us. She and Teddy, GCH Rocyns Fast and Furious have given us 3 beautiful girls. They will be Daisy (cause I like the name), Grace (there is a play written by a lady named Grace that is titled Under a Southern Sky) and Ally (after the band named Alabama for their song called Southern Star)

Toy Dog Club of Central Florida in Orlando
Judge Kathy Bucher Sawyer. Teddy was Winners Dog for a big 4 point major and then went on to win BEST OF BREED over 4 other specials bumping up the count and giving him the 5 points he needed to finish his championship. He did it in 6 shows undefeated in his class, 5 wins and a reserve to a major! Karen was certainly right.

He was also, just to pile on the fun, Best Bred By Exhibitor and in that competition he was awarded a Group 3. I am proud to say I was the only handler in both the Breed Group and the BBBE group. 13 is my lucky number.

Missy, CH Forevr There She Is at Rocyn, and Flynn,  GCH Forevr Errol Flynn gave us 6 puppies today. Three of the six were very small and just didn't make it. We have 3 strong boys left and they are doing well.

Tri-Star Kennel Club of Willliamson County  shows held in Nashville, TN Carolyn Herbel was our judge and gave Teddy the select ribbon for his first Grand Champion points.

On my way home from Nashville I stopped at Karen's home to attend the dog show in Atlanta. Our judge was Peter Green on Saturday and he gave Teddy the select ribbon for 2 more grand champion points.


Seminole Dog Fanciers Assoc in Ocala. Judge Mrs Houston Clark awarded Teddy the Select ribbon for 2 gch points and Crissy was WB and BOW for 2 points.

Savannah, Georgia with Karen Byrd.
Thursday, judge Charlotte McGowan. Teddy was Best of Breed and Pilot was reserve.
Friday, judge Elaine Mathis, gave Teddy the select ribbon for 2 points and Pilot was reserve.
Saturday, judge Gloria Geringer, Pilot was Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 points and Teddy was select  for 1 gch point. Sunday, judge William Usherwood gave Teddy the select ribbon.

Miami Dog Club shows.
Judge Jean Fournier gave Teddy the select ribbon for 1 gch point

Space Coast Kennel Club in Orlando with judge Richard Albee, Pilot was Winners Dog for a single point.

Central Florida Kennel club in Orlando held the Sunshine State Papillon Club's designated specialty with judge Dr Gareth Morgan Jones. A very special day for me. I showed Turbo in the Veterans sweeps and in the regular class. I didn't know if he would even want to come out of his crate but he jumped out and into my arms ready and raring to go. He had a completely good time in the ring and even beat out another veteran, who was much older. I had tears of joy and happiness when we took the ribbon from Leah James in the Sweeps class and from Dr Jones in the regular class. Unfortunately I was so discombobulated I forgot to get a photo of his wins.

Eukanuba Invitational Dog Show held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida
This day will forever rank in the top 5 most fun days I've ever had at a dog show. Teddy was invited to this show because he earned all of his championship points from the Bred By Exhibitor class. At 21 months old he was likely the youngest one presented. There were 42 champions from all over the world. Beautiful dogs all of them. Our judge was a last minute change and we had Dr John Reeve-Newson, from Canada. He went over all of the dogs and made us smile and had fun. He then kept 6 dogs for final consideration and excused the rest. Teddy and I were one of that final six. I could barely breathe. Teddy showed his little heart out and could not have presented himself any better. Alas we were out of the ribbons but over the top with joy!

Welcome to the New Year. Here's to much success and Happiness to all of our family, friends, dog family and dog friends.

January 5 and 6
Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers
Deland, FL

I am showing CH Diamondsun's Xena in the Best of Breed class. Saturdays judge, Fabian Arienti awarded us the Select ribbon. Sundays judge, Mrs Houston Clark gave Xena the Breed win over another ranked specials bitch. We stayed for the group competition but did not place.

January 18 Tampa Bay Kennel Club
January 18, Tampa Bay Kennel Club in Ocala, Fl with Xena and Teddy who were awarded the select ribbons from judge James Reynolds.

March 8-10
Toy Dog Club of South Florida
Judge Sally Ray Baugniet awarded Ryder his first 2 points and Daisy, shown by my friend Valerie Garcia was select for her first two grand champion points.

Palm Beach County Dog Fanciers Association
Saturdays judge Doris Cozart awarded Ryder Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best Puppy for a 3 point major. Then she gave Evie, Fluttersby Auld Lang Syne, owned and loved by Stanlet and Rhonda Friedlander, Winners Bitch for a 3 point major! This was her first time in the ring. Xena was Select. Then Ryder took a group 2 in the puppy groups later today. We had a great day of dogging!
Sundays judge was Virginia Lynn she gave Ryder Reserve and Evie was Winners again for another 2 points. Xena was Select again today.

March 16-17
Ft Lauderdale Dog Club
Judges Dr Wanda Spediacci and Peggy Hauck both gave the Select ribbon to Xena.

April 8, Monday
A big day for us. I received a letter informing us that GCH Rocyn's Fast and Furious, Teddy, finished out last year in the top 25 of all the papillons being shown. I was blown away. I had no idea he was even close. I am thrilled beyond measure. The Top 25 is a competition held at our National Specialty. It is judged by a breeder judge, an all breed judge and an all breed handler. It is a big fancy affair held after the Best of Breed judging. It is done in the ballroom with spotlights and the dress is evening wear. The announcer will read a small bio about your dog as you enter the ring and  are introduced . The biggest part of it for me is that I bred the dog and showed him to all of his wins and accomplishments. No handlers and no advertising. 

April 20-21

Heartland Dog Club in Zolfo Springs, FL
Judge Glenda Dawkins gave Ryder Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 2 more points. Xena was Best Opposite Sex and Daisy was Select today.
Sundays judge, Peter Green, gave Ryder his class but he was having way too much fun to bring home the Winners ribbon and that's okay cause he is just a puppy! But Mr Green really liked Xena and gave her Best of Breed and Daisy was Select again. We stayed for group judging but didn't bring home any more ribbon.

Treasure Coast Kennel Club
Vero Beach, FL
April 28-29

Saturdays breed judge was Raymond Filburn and he gave Xena Best of Breed over a top 5 ranked special with a famous handler, and four others. A huge win for us but better was on the horizon. The group judge was William Usherwood and he pointed to Xena for a 3rd place in the group. This is her first group placement and I only wish her owner, Dore' Anderson,  could have been there to share it with us. We did have some support from Louise Shelton and two of her friends who came back to the show just to cheer for us. Thank you Louise!

Mr Usherwood was our breed judge on Sunday and we won that Best of Breed ribbon again over the same bunch of dogs. Ryder was also Winners Dog and Best Opposite Sex for 1 more point. The group judge looked at Xena but we were left out of his 4 placements. A great weekend none the less.

Papillon Club of America National Specialty
May 20-28
Louisville, Kentucky

Boy, oh boy! did we have some fun!
This year I took Turbo, Teddy, Ryder and Xena.
The first day was Sweepstakes with breeder judge Tracy Burdick of  Denzel Papillons. I was honored that she gave Ryder fourth place out of 7 dogs, and Turbo, as a veteran in the 7-10 year old class, second.  

On Thursday the regular judging began. Our judge this year was to be the most respected judge Michelle Billings. However, at the very last minute her doctors would not let her fly due to a health problem so the show committee scrambled and found that Mr Randy Garren was able to jump on a plane and come to judge our show. He was 4 dogs into the 6-9 month puppy class when the fire alarms went off and everyone was instructed to leave the building. It turned out to be a false alarm and judging resumed after about 20 minutes. Ryder was in the 9-12 month puppy class and we were awarded fourth place out of 10 very nice puppies.

I then showed Turbo in the over 7 and under 10 year old veteran class and he was awarded 1st out of 3 other veterans. He is 8 years young. He really enjoyed the applause and the attention. He will now be the the Best of Breed class on Saturday.

I did not take any girls this year so I was able to watch all of the bitch classes. There were some very nice girls today and I enjoyed watching without the pressure of having to be in the show.
The big day was Saturday, Best of Breed. I have three dogs in this competition. Teddy, GCH Rocyns Fast and Furious:  Xena, GCH Diamondsun's Xena: and Turbo, Ch  Forevr at Rocyn Theres a Will. In the beginning of the show all dogs are brought into the ring. So Lori Landis is taking Teddy, I am taking Xena and Valerie Garcia has Turbo. It is really a sight to behold  with 75 beautiful dogs and bitches in the ring at the same time. And I brought three of them!!!! All of the bitches, the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch and the Veterans are excused while the judge examines and moves the dog champions. He made several cuts and brought the dog group down to about 10. Then the bitch champions are brought back into the ring. Again he made several eliminations and Xena and I survived all of them. He then brought in the Winners and the Veterans and because I was still in the ring with Xena Valerie brought Turbo back in for me. He made one final cut, which then included Xena and Turbo, and then made his final decision.  The most thrilling speciality ever, at least since the one where Turbo won his puppy class in 2005.

Later that evening was the Top 25 Competition. This is an invitation only event and your dog earns the invitation by being in the top 25 papillons for 2012. Teddy finished the year at number 24! I was blown away when I received his invitation. He looked gorgeous in the ring and really strutted around when they gave us the beautiful black and white ribbon that is 4 foot long with his name in gold lettering. Truly a day never to be forgotten.

Sunday was a regional speciality with judge Charles Scott. Dori really wanted me to stay so I put Robert on a plane for home and she and I stayed and boy are we glad that we did. Ryder was 3rd out of 5 in his puppy class. Xena was given THE THIRD  AWARD OF MERIT. 
Dore and I celebrated that evening and drove home the next day. WOW what a week!

Tuesday, May 28
Upon my arrival home, and after a wonderful celebratory dinner with Robert, Crissy decided this is the time to go into labor. She labored most of the night but then stopped. I took her for a C-Section and we have a bouncing baby boy. We are calling him Mason. 

Boca Raton Dog Club
West Palm Beach
June 8-9

Saturdays judge Mrs Jean Lade awarded Ryder 1st of 1, Winners Dog for 1 point and Xena was the Select Bitch.
Sunday was judge Mrs Arlene Benko. She gave Ryder Reserve Winners Dog and little Kira was also Reserve today and Best Puppy, going on to a 2nd place finish in the Puppy Groups judged by Rita Glassel. Xenas was the Select Bitch today.

St Petersburg Dog Fanciers Assoc.
June 15-16

Saturdays judge was Anne Savory Bolus who gave little Kira a reserve to the major and Xena was the Select Bitch.
Sundays judge was Eugene Blake. I co-own a bitch with Valerie Garcia and Spice, her name not Valeries, was given the three point major today. Xena was the Select Bitch. Congratulations Valerie and Spice!

Brevard Kennel Club
June 21

Our judge Betty Leininger gave Xena the select ribbon today.

Sunshine State Papillon Club Speciality
Central Florida Kennel Club
June 22

Judge Mark Lucas gave Xena the select ribbon today.

Space Coast Kennel Club of Palm Bay
June 23

Judge Tom Kilcullen awarded Kira another reserve ribbon and Xena was select.

Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club
West Palm Beach
July 13-14

Saturdays judge was Dr John Reeve-Newson and he gave Ryder/Spike Winners Dog for 2 more points and then with Lori Landis showing him in the Breed he was given Best of Winners for his second major. Xena won the Select ribbon for 4 gch points. 
He was also the Best Bred By Exhibitor and won that Group under Cecelia Resnick.

Xena was Select today under Tom Daniels.

Greenville, South Carolina
July 26-28

Hendersonville Kennel Club judge Dennis McCoy awarded Rusty, Krystals Rusty Nail, owned and loved by Marge and Larry Morrell and shown by me was awarded a big 4 point major with his Winners Dog ribbon. This was my first day showing Rusty and it is a testament to his wonderful temperament that he really didn't mind a total stranger on the end of his lead! Ryder won his very tough Bred By class. Kira was 2nd of 2 and Xena was select today. Then at the Spartanburg Kennel Club show judged by Howard Yost, he gave Xena select. 

Greensboro, NC
August 14-18

I am showing Rusty, Krystals Rusty Nail, Spike, Rocyn's Lucky Ryder, Spice, Starsign Spicing It Up at Honeykist N Rocyn, and Xena, GCH Diamondsuns's Xena.  Judge Barbara Wood awarded Rusty Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed for 2 points and Spice was Winners Bitch for 1 point and Xena was Best Opposite Sex on Wednesday. A great way to start a circuit. My little brother, Jim Legros, was handler extraordinaire, his first time in the ring taking Rusty to his Best of Breed win beating his big sister! Thursday's judge was Keke Kahn and she awarded Spice Winners Bitch for 1 point and Xena was Best of Breed today. Friday brought judge Sari Brewster Tietjen who awarded both Spike and Spice Reserve winners and Xena was Best of Breed.  Saturday's judge Carole Beattie gave Xena Best Opposite. Sunday's judge Jackie Stacy gave Xena Best of Breed. We had a very nice 5 days with all of the dogs getting into the ribbons for points. And we had a wonderful time visiting with my brother and his wife and staying with them in the beautiful and much cooler Carolina mountains. 

Moore County Kennel Club
Pinehurst, NC
 September 14-15

This was a very small show. The entry was 2 dogs, 2 bitches and 1 special, all mine except for the other class bitch. Our judge Susan St John Brown gave Spike the point with Rusty reserve. Spice also took the point and Xena was Best of Breed. Sundays judge was Rita Holloway and today it was just my dogs. Spike was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Bred By for 1 point and Xena was Best of Breed. Spike also won a Group 2 in the Bred By competition.
This show was in a very pretty location and I am so happy that Robert and I got to see this area of North Carolina that we had never seen before.

Anniston Kennel Club
Anniston, Alabama
September 21-22

We are literally on a baseball field in right field. I have Spike and Xena on this trip. Xena was Best of Breed under James Frederiksen. Sundays' judge Peggy Lloyd gave Spike his last point and finished his Championship. He was also Best Bred By. Xena was Best of Opposite . While waiting for the groups and holding Spike in my arms a basenji jumped up and grabbed his tail pulling hair and freaking Spike out of his mind. The person holding the dog didn't even say anything to me. I complained to the club and the AKC rep and the dog was disqualified from further competition.
Anniston is another beautiful area with a very pretty downtown with a kind of mountainous terrain. Trees are changing and it is cooler here than at home.

Piedmont Kennel Club
Charlotte, NC
September 28-29

Xena's owner, Dore Anderson, is along with me for this adventure. I have Rusty, Spice and Xena with me.  On Saturday with judge Margorie Tuff, Rusty was Winners Dog for 2 points, Spice was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 2 points. She now just needs her majors to finish her championship. Xena was Best of Opposite. Sunday's judge, Jackie Stacy, gave Xena Best of Breed. We were pulled out of the group for the final lineup but failed to ribbon.

Greater Naples Dog Club
Arcadia, FL
October 10-11

Our judge for Saturday was Denny Mounce and she awarded Xena the Select ribbon. The judge on Sunday, Jerrilyn Naylor, also gave Xena Select.

Huntsville Kennel Club
Decatur Alabama Kennel Club
Priceville, AL

November 7-10
Thursday's judge Kathy B Sawyer gave Xena Best Opposite Sex. Friday's judge George Mulutinovich gave Xena Select. Saturday's judge Christine Anderson gave Xena Best Opposite Sex. Sunday's judge John Ramirez gave Xena Best Opposite.
Another very pretty area. We saw a huge flock of white pilicans and the leaves are just past prime but beautiful none the less and one of the nights was downright cold. I made this trip with Dore, Xena's owner and good friend Marge Morrell. It is much more fun to have company on these long trips.

Salisbury NC Kennel Club
Concord, NC
November 15-17

There is a big bunch of friends along for this weekend. Karen Byrd, Valerie Garcia, Marge Morrell, Dore Anderson, Lois and her husband Larry Albritton and Louise Shelton. We sure had a blast and the show was pretty good, too! Friday's judge Jim Briley gave Xena the Best Opposite Sex ribbon for a big 4 gch points.. Saturday's judge Richard Mullen gave Karen and Phantom Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a 3 point major and Xena was Best Opposite. Sunday's judge Peggy Hauck gave Spice and Valerie Best Puppy and Marge and Poppy won a 3 point major with the Winners Bitch ribbon and Xena was Select.

Brandon Florida Kennel Club
Plant City, FL
November 23-24

Saturday's judge was one of the great ladies of all judges, Ann Hearn. Xena was Best Opposite and Turbo was Best Veteran and Group 2. When Turbo was just a puppy he won Best Puppy under her and he went on to win the puppy group under her as well. It will always be one of my favorite memories.

Sunday's judge, Elaine Mathis also gave Xena the BOS ribbon.

South Dade Kennel Club
November 30 - December 1 
Davie, FL

Xena was Select both days under  judges Federico Fernandez and Elaine Lessig.

Greater Hickory Kennel Club
Forsythe Kennel Club
Winston-Salem, NC
December 6-8

Another fun trip with friends Dore, Valerie and Marge. We made some new friends, too.  We found the BEST BAKERY ever! The cupcakes were to die for, made the nasty weather bearable. Friday's judge Timothy Catterson gave Xena Select.  Saturday's judge Paula Hartinger  gave Xena the Best Opposite ribbon. Sunday's judge Bonnie L Clarke gave Xena Select.

AKC Eukanuba National Championship
Orlando, FL
December 14

What an exciting day. Our judge today was Charlotte McGowan who breeds and shows papillons. There were 30 beautiful Champions in the ring for the breed class. I did not envy the judges job. She had only so many ribbons and oh so many dogs to pick from. After several eliminations she had her final group go around the ring one more time and Xena and I were in that final lineup. She looked everyone over and awarded the Winners Dog what would have been our Award of Merit. We were so close to that ribbon but very happy to have been included in the final go around. My son, Jonathan and his wonderful family came to the show to cheer for Grandma and after the judging, they took me out to lunch to celebrate my birthday. It was a very exciting day and one I will not soon forget.

So that is the end of our whirlwind year. So many great things and great people. I would like to add that Xena finished the year in 23rd place among all papillons in the country being shown at the championship level. We gave it our all traveling all over the southeast. We had good times and met good people. I finished two of my own dogs this year, Spike and Daisy. I showed many dogs for other .people and I want to thank them for allowing me the opportunity to learn from their dogs and to present their dogs to the fancy. You are all in my heart forever. Now on to the new adventures that await in 2014!