Rocyn Papillons

And then we have Serena. She was born on November 30, 2018 to Tabitha, CH Rocyn's Bewitched at Honeykyst and International CH and AKC CH Kandyno de Costalina, Tino. A beautiful red sable with just the right combination of structure, markings and attitude to be an awesome show dog except she is going to be too small for the show ring. Barely 2 pounds at almost 14 weeks old she has not grown very much in the last month. She is quite noisy when she is bored or the other dogs are running too fast and she can't catch them. She is already the boss of the whole pack and can walk right up to any of the dogs and take the toy away and the older dogs just let her have it. Whatever she wants! She is going to need someone who knows how to train a dog with kindness and a good sense of humor. She will try to get away with everything and if you fall for her cuteness she will take over your life and not in a good way!


If you are interested in any of these beautiful dogs email Cynthia at for more information.

I sell on a spay/neuter contract only. Florida law requires you to come to my home to see how the puppies are raised. I will not ship any puppy. I require two personal references and a vet reference.

This is Cupid. When he was born he had a very distinctive heart shape on his forehead, hence his name. He is the son of AKC Champion Grand Champion Bronze Rocyn's Faster and Hotter, Joel, and AKC registered Namaste You're Not The Boss of Me, Talia. He was born 8-24-2018. He is a contemplative puppy. When presented with something new he sits down to study the issue before joining in. He is very friendly. I expect him to be 5-6 pounds when all grown up. He is a red sable and white dog.


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This is Van. He is Cupid's brother. Outgoing and happy he always wants to play. Where Cupid is contemplative Van is carefree and goofy. He has very long legs right now and I suspect will be a tall boy. He is usually the first to try anything. He is the talker of the puppies and tells me when he is not happy, or when he wants his dinner or when he wants to play with the cat and Marshall is just not cooperating! He is a beautiful dark red sable. 


Available for adoption

March 5, 2019