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Rocyn Papillons

Rocyn is a combination of my name and my husbands name, Robert and Cynthia. We live in sunny South Florida. Our three children are all grown, married and producing grandchildren. We have 4, two in Orlando and 2 in Nashville. Needless to say I travel and show my dogs a lot in the Nashville and Orlando areas. 

I started looking for my first papillon just before Kirby won Westminister and it was impossible to find any available dogs. I was not looking for a pet. I wanted a show dog, but all of the breeders I contacted had heard that line, a lot, from people just looking for a beautiful dog with little or no intention of actually showing the dog. I had in the late 80's shown and finished two bearded collies and knew what I was getting into purchasing a show dog. I attended two national specialities before I found my first papillon. Unfortunately he did not develop as we had hoped and so he

was neutered and placed in a loving home. The second one didn't work

out either and he was returned to the breeder. The third dog was actually

a bitch and was a good first dog but she could not hold onto her coat (I didn't know about the raw food diet that I now feed and that produces beautiful coats on all of my dogs) and tho she was major pointed she never finished but she got me my start in the show ring.

I have shown dogs for Lois Horan Albritton of The Pines Papillons, Rita Koy of Majestic Joy Papillons, RuthAnn and Danny Ford of Forevr Papillons,  Brandi Bray of Braylor's Papillons, Dore Anderson of Parasol Papillons, and Marge Morrell of Pluma Papillons.
It was RuthAnn and Danny who took me under their wing and into their dog family and really taught me about this wonderful breed. My dogs and my success go back to their lines and guidance. 

I am a small hobby breeder.  I take great care in where and when I breed a dog or bitch. I also shoulder the  great responsibility for all of my puppies' health and well being. Homes are carefully screened, personalities of pup and owner are of major importance, and any of my dogs and puppies come back to me if their new family cannot care for them, and that means at any age. I take great pride in knowing where my dogs are living and stay in touch with each family.

I am a member of the Papillon Club of America. I am Past President of the Sunshine State Papillon Club. I am a member of the Jupiter Tequesta Dog Club and the Secretary. Our show and match are held in July and we'd really like you to come and visit us.

I love showing the dogs. Training and getting them ready for their time in the ring is, for me, a lot of fun. I and my dogs always have fun in the ring. If we can't have fun I'd rather stay home. I don't always win but I always have fun and for me that is winning.

Take a look around my site and if you are interested in learning more about this fascinating breed then drop me an email. I can be reached at Cynthia225@aol.com

I hope you enjoy the photo montage below